What I do: I have the privilege of serving as a Chaplain at Mountain Institution in Agassiz, BC. I get to talk to guys 4 hours a day, about Jesus, the Bible, and spiritual things!

Wisdom or bit of advice: “Should you find yourself in a chronically leaking boat, energy devoted to changing vessels is likely to be more productive than energy devoted to patching leaks.” – Warren Buffett, Berkshire Hathaway, CEO

Spouse: Elsie and I have been married for over 43 years. I was very young when we got married. So was Elsie.

Children: David (40), married to Maia, and their 6 boys – Bren and Jace (13-year-old twins), Joel (11), Bryce (9), and their two adopted sons from Ethiopia, Seth (7) and Zane (4). Seth and Zane joined our family in 2010. Chris (38), married to Anna, and their 2 boys – Tucker (6), and Coltrane (4).
Melodie, 37, as a single mom, is in the process of adopting twin 9-year old girls, Julia and Jaylene, whom she has been fostering for over 5 years.
Together, these 15 people are my favourite people in the entire world. They are the pride and joy of our lives!

Education: Ontario teaching certificate (1971), Ordination by The Salvation Army (1981); Master of Arts in Christian Studies from ACTS at TWU (2000), with a focus on strategic planning; Certified Financial Planner (2010).

Hope and vision for Northview: That together, we would be all that God has planned for us to be; to make an eternal difference in our community, and our world.

How I got involved with Northview:
Our son, Chris, began attending Northview in 2003, and participated in NBC for a couple of years, also singing with one of the worship teams. We began attending with him in 2004, when Justyn became our senior pastor, not knowing how long we would have the opportunity to worship with Chris. In 2005, he met Anna, and soon moved to Kent, WA. As soon as we began to attend Northview, we became involved in a life group, then planted a Pastorate in Aldergrove, and began coaching some of the groups. Along the way, we have also hosted (ushered) at NBC several times, and Elsie led a team of servers in Centre Court. I was one of the servers.

A few of my favourite things: First and foremost, my wife and family. Great meals, especially with family and friends. Hockey, football, baseball in that order, followed by most other sports. Still not crazy about soccer – great skill, but not enough scoring. Our PVR – the most efficient time-waster there is! Listening to books on CD when I drive.

Favourite preacher: There are so many who have influenced me – Bill Hybels, Andy Stanley, Rick Warren, John MacArthur, John Maxwell. And of course Jeff. I couldn’t leave out Jeff.

Favourite author: Most of my favourite preachers, to begin with. Add to that CS Lewis, JRR Tolkien, John Grisham, and Tom Clancy.

Favourite kind of music: Contemporary Christian worship, first and foremost, which includes the last 15 years or so. I love progressive rock from the ‘70’s – Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Yes, Moody Blues. Anything that is really creative.

Hometown: Peterborough, Ontario.


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