Community Groups

At NYA, our Community Groups run the length of the school year and (most) meet every other week. These groups are an opportunity for you to get plugged in and invest in the NYA community on a more personal level. We meet in homes across Abbotsford, share food, engage in Bible-based discussion, and pray together. We hope you find a group that works with your schedule and that, in time, feels like a family!



Fredy and Becca

Mondays | Weekly | 6:00pm | Targeted towards young marrieds and seriously dating couples | Shared dinner

Conrad, Siena, and Sam

Thursdays | Bi-weekly | 7:00pm | Targeted towards ages  18-26 | Snacks

 Trystan, Lexii, and Rebecca

Wednesdays | Weekly | 7:00pm | All ages | Snacks

Clement, Emerald, Juwa, and Alex

Wednesdays | Bi -weekly | 7:00pm | All ages| Snacks

 Brett, Rachael, and Ricardo

Mondays | Bi-weekly | 7:00pm | All ages | Shared Dinner

Cara and Natalia

Thursdays | Weekly | 7:00pm | Young Professionals | Snacks

Zachary, Lexi, and Catherine

Thursdays | Bi-weekly | 7:30pm | All ages | Snacks

Sherri and Joel

Tuesdays | Weekly | 6:30pm | All ages | Shared Dinner

Tonya, Daniel, and Elena

Wednesdays | Bi-weekly | 7:00pm | Targeted towards ages 18-26 | Snacks

Owen and Julie

Wednesdays | Bi-weekly | 7:30 pm | All ages | Snacks

Josh and Michael

Wednesdays | Bi-weekly | 7:00pm | Targeted towards singles ages 25-30 | Dessert

Dave, Chelsea, Kylie, and Derrick

Tuesdays | Bi-weekly | 6:00pm | Targeted towards young marrieds and seriously dating couples | Shared dinner

Shelan and Josh

Wednesdays | Bi-weekly | 7:00pm | All ages | Snacks

Nancy, Andy, Isaac, and Emma

Wednesdays | Bi-weekly | 6:30pm | Targeted towards ages 26-30  | Dinner

Matt and Kelsey

Sundays | Bi-weekly | 6:30pm | All ages | Snacks

Jon and Kari

Tuesdays | Bi-weekly | 7:00pm | All ages | Snacks

Jordan, Karisa, and Josh

Thursdays | Bi-Weekly | 7:00pm | Young Professionals | Snacks


Please provide us with some basic information so we can work to find a group that suits you.



Looking for something different? Visit Northview’s Community Group page to see what other options are available:


Email Lexii: for more information!



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