Northview values loving the world as a necessary implication for people who have been transformed by the Gospel.

We believe that Christians show their love for the world by being people who value:

  • Doing justice and mercy as an outgrowth of the Gospel both locally and globally.
  • Speaking the Gospel in culturally relevant ways in our community and around the world.
  • Reflecting the reign of Christ in every area of life and society.

We collaborate with other local churches in order to sustain unity and to work together to reach our common goals. We partner with local organizations to try to meet felt needs in our community. We work with the City of Abbotsford where it is appropriate so that our community will be blessed and strengthened. In doing these things we strive to adorn the Gospel with good works.

We encourage you to invest in relationships with neighbours, coworkers and others in your sphere(s) of influence because we affirm that everyone has a role to play in preaching the Gospel to those whom we are in relationship with!




Punjabi Connection is a local outreach for Punjabi people in our community. We are currently offering English Classes, Basic Punjabi, and once a month soccer in the Bubble. Our hope is that you will be able to build relationships and form lasting friendships.

ESL: Conversational English
English Classes are held every Sunday afternoon from 3:00 to 5:00 pm here at Northview Church. This conversational class welcomes students of all levels and all ages. Volunteers teach grammar, listening and speaking skills through our small groups and children’s classes.

Questions or Interested in Volunteering?
Contact Imran Daniel, Pastor of Multicultural Engagement



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Gospel Conversations

To view or download this Booklet for free click here: Gospel Conversations Booklet

Talking about the gospel is a challenge for many Christians. This Gospel Conversations booklet is intended to help disciples of Jesus engage in the task of sharing the gospel with people in their spheres of influence. This booklet is an adaptation of the Gospel Conversations course that is offered periodically at Northview Community Church. Readers will gain a greater understanding of the gospel, learn to format their testimony, understand the three main components of a gospel conversation (declare, defend, and dialogue), and more! May God be glorified as disciples of Jesus articulate the gospel by the Spirit’s power for the good of their conversation partners.



 The Mission of the Church

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