Let’s be honest. There are some strange things in the Bible. People are struck down dead. Fig trees are cursed. Donkeys are talking. And there is the whole book of Revelation. As we go through the next few weeks in Summer, we are dedicating some time to looking at some of the passages that contain the strangest parts of the Bible. Even though these passages are strange, they contain important truths for us about the God who loves us, who pursues us, who saves us, and who is returning to make all things new.



Gods Servants

Mission  –  September 2  –  Romans 13:1-7

Why Are You So Afraid?

Mission  –  August 26  –  Mark 4:35-41

Our Great Hope

Mission – August 19 – Ezekiel 37:1-14

Saul’s Final Rebellion

Mission – August 12 –  Samuel 28:3-25

The Temple Tax

Mission – August 5, 2018 – Matthew 17:24-27

What Jesus Says To Restless Hearts

Mission – Revelation 1:9-17

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