As the New Year rolls around, our minds often wander to reflecting about what things we want to bring change to in our own lives. Working out, eating healthier, or picking up a new hobby are all good endeavours. Yet why not pursue a goal that has a more significant eternal impact? Why not pray more?

The truth is that most believers struggle with having a healthy prayer life. So many of us consider prayer an afterthought of our Christian walk, even though time and time again we see in the Scriptures that prayer precedes victory. The call to converse with our maker ought to be a delight, yet we often treat it as a duty. Through this series over the next several weeks, we will be looking through selected passages on prayer to help us to see how it can change our attitudes, ambitions, and situations as we grow in relationship with God. Through delving into the Word of God, we hope to highlight the different parts of prayer and the overwhelming value it has in bringing the Kingdom of God here and now.

As Martin Luther said, “To be a Christian without prayer is no more possible than to be alive without breathing.” How many of us are holding our breath? In God’s sovereignty, He uses the petitions of His people in powerful ways! So Let’s Pray!


Let’s Pray Series Resources


Let’s Pray

Mission – Jan 28,  2 Chronicles 20

  1. What do we learn about God from Jehoshaphat’s declaration (found in 2 Chronicles 20:6)?
  2. Look up and share passages from scripture that speak to God’s sovereign rule over all creation?
  3. Most of us rarely begin our prayers with declarations of God’s sovereign reign over all things and all situations. What can we learn about prayer from King Jehoshaphat’s example?

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The Lord’s Prayer Part 2

Mission – Jan 21,  Matthew 6:11-13

  1. Define forgiveness. What does it mean to forgive?
    • Why do we struggle extending forgiveness to those who sin against us?
    • What do the scriptures teach about forgiveness? (Read a few passages)
    • In what ways have we (corporately) sinned against others?

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The Lord’s Prayer

Mission – Jan 14,  Matthew 6:9-10

  1. God is both transcendent and Immanent.
    • What do we mean when we say God is transcendent?
    • What do we mean when we say God is immanent?
    • How should God’s transcendence and immanence transform our prayers?

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Lets Pray

Mission – Jan 7,  Ephesians 3:14-21

The Prayer Hearing God

Mission – Dec 31,  Psalm 113

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