We all get one life to live…

…and deep down we’re all asking the same question – what’s it all about?


At Christianity Explored we’ll dig into that question, along with a few others like:

  • Who is Jesus?
  • Why did he come?
  • What does that mean for me?

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Here’s what you can expect:


Learn About Christianity

  • What does being a Christian mean?
  • What separates Christianity from other religions?
  • Was Jesus a real, historical person?

Ask Deep

  • Aren’t all religions the same?
  • What’s the point of going to church?
  • Does God even exist?

Have Great

  • Meet people with the same questions as you
  • Discuss the things you’ve heard


Dates & Time

Every Thursday night, March 15 through May 3, 7:00PM-8:30PM


Completely Free!


33507 Dewdney Trunk Rd.
Mission, BC V2V 6Y3



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