What I do: What I do is wonder why this is the first question for a suggested bio. It must have been chosen by a man, since we men often seem more intent on knowing each other by what we do than by who we are. Anyway, this is typical of me stalling to answer the question because I am a lawyer and I find that if I can have a few minutes of conversation with a person before I reveal my profession, I have some chance of also being perceived as a person rather than a stereotype.

Wisdom or bit of advice: The older I get – and I am over 70 – the less inclined I am to presume to offer advice. Even though I hope I know more than I did decades ago, I am much more aware of how little I know and how ill equipped I am to advise others on the basis of my meagre understanding of their situations and the possible responses. I am better off to pray for them and trust God to reveal his solutions to them.

How I got involved with Northview: We moved here in 1984 and went to an Alliance Church according to our “roots.” But it was then the “big” church in Abbotsford and we were referred to a nice “little” church meeting in the MEI – Northview Community.We have seen lots of growth, shrinkage and growth in several senses. We have been part of several care groups. I am in my second round of 6 years as an elder.

A few of my favourite things: I like to learn and discuss – in person or online – especially about the Bible, living the life of Christ, doctrine and life application. So the theology study and discussion at our elder meetings is one of my favorite parts. I also like to drink coffee and eat desserts, though my doctor and wife are now curtailing the latter. I like languages, and understanding the roots of words. I know more Spanish than any other foreign language, which is good because a good portion of my family (Stan & Charmy Unger and kids) are in Mexico.

I like this quote: “There is no limit to what we can accomplish if we don’t care who gets the credit.”

Random thoughts: I have them all the time – day and night.

Hometown: Hard to say. Born in Kingston ON, lived in Entwistle AB till age 4, then McBride BC to age 18, then Vancouver for university years, Prince George from 1969-84, and now Abbotsford – the longest of any one place..


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