At Northview, we believe in helping to train people for ministry.

Interns participate in a structured program that exposes young leaders to practical church ministry in almost every area of the church and theological training.

The goal is to provide a place to gain experience, be exposed to a variety of ministries in the church, mentor under one of our pastors, develop a solid theological base, and develop the gifts that God has given. Internships are 10-12 months long and are paid positions of 40 hours a week.


Who Can Apply?

The ideal candidate for our program is a Bible College graduate who is looking for some practical experience in a church. They should be longing to grow deeper in their faith, willing to be stretched personally, seeking to develop their ministry/leadership gifts, wanting a deeper understanding of church ministry and desiring to be equipped for future ministry.

We believe that our program is ideal for a grad that is looking to flesh out the education they have received in a real-life church experience before going into full-time ministry or pursuing further education. It may also be ideal for people who are questioning their call to work in full-time ministry. Be involved for a year and see how God leads in and through that experience!

We are, however, open to people that have not yet finished their degree or are looking at pursuing ministry in the future. We desire to be flexible yet committed to what we believe God has called us to.

Please note: At this time we are only accepting Applications from candidates who are able to legally work in Canada.

A Typical Week:

  • Prayer meetings
  • 2 hour theological class
  • 1 hour class with one of our pastors to talk about their ministry and Q&A
  • Visits to other ministries of the church
  • One-on-one mentoring time with the pastor under whose ministry the intern is working
  • Significant involvement in a specific ministry area
  • Time for self-evaluation.

Intern Positions:

  • Young Adults
  • High School
  • Middle School
  • Children’s Ministry
  • Church Community
  • Worship
  • Tech/Media
  • Missions
  • Women’s Ministry
  • Imagine Ministry (Special Needs)
  • Multi-Ministry Intern – Mission Campus


Internships run for 10 months from late August through the end of June. For more information, please email

Erick Penner

Prayer & Discipleship Intern ('14)

“Through the teaching, mentoring and practical church ministry responsibilities I have received in the Northview internship I have grown in substantial ways. To name three, my love for the church, my understanding of scripture and a conviction of the necessity of prayer in all I do. Life and ministry in a church has blossomed a Christ like maturity in a way that my time at Bible College never could. The internship experience has been priceless.”

Danae Styles

Mission Campus High School Intern ('17)

The internship was an amazing journey of testing the waters of working in full-time ministry. It came with all kinds of invitations to be challenged, encouraged, and inspired as we walked side by side with brothers and sisters who accepted the call to ministry years before us. We got to wade in the shallows in order to discover if we wanted to swim in the deep end or not.

Mikey Pierson

Children's Ministry ('11)

"I have learned much in theory, but more in practice. The difference between this and school: both offer valuable teaching and training, but it is the correction and edification given to me by Northview that has been priceless."

No Longer Accepting Applications for 2018/2019

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