Holy Spirit

Episode 380 with Jeff, Ezra, Thaleia and Josh
  • Does Jeff hate the Superbowl
  • Who in the world is Steve Grogan?
  • Jeff doesn’t roll rims
  • Our miss-take of the Holy Spirit
  • Forgotten God
  • Why it was better than Jesus should depart
  • Does the spirit leave believers?
  • “Special Christianity”
  • Red flags
J. D. Greear – Why the Spirit Inside You is Better
Michael Horton – Rediscovering the Holy Spirit
Wayne Grudem – Christian Beliefs: Twenty
Basics Every Christian Should Know

David Platt – Secret Church 5: Exploring the Holy Spirit (stream)

Modern Legalism

Episode 377 with Jeff, Ezra, and Thaleia

  • Exploring Jeff’s snacking habits
  • Church bashing
  • Changing Churches
  • Discontentment in the congregation
  • Legalism then and now
  • Salvation by recycling
  • Judging within the church
  • Ezra’s beef with Yoga

Fresh Feet for a New Year

Episode 376 with Jeff, Ezra, and Thaleia

  • Jeff’s 25th wedding anniversary!
  • Christian Movies + Prosperity Gospel
  • God’s will for our life
  • How Christians should approach the things they want
  • Our plans and the goodness of God
  • Helpful tips to understand God’s goodness
  • Why is Ezra bad at running? What happened?
  • What happens when professing Christians stop running the race
  • Tripping hazards in the Christian race

Discipling Children: Why does it Matter?

Episode 375 with Dwight, Sarah, Jenn & Jeff Gamache
Need some encouragement at the start of the new year? Listen in for ideas, motivation, and reasons why Christians are to disciple their children. Even if you don’t have kids, you might learn something that helps you to support and pray for parents!
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