Serpents and Scorpions

Expra Podcast episode #227 with: Greg, Jeff, Ezra, Andy, Matt the Producer

  • Mics are more fun
  • How to study the Bible.
  • Luke 10:17 – Can you crush Serpents and Scorpions?
  • Mark 16:15 – The Great Commission, is it in the Bible?
  • Do Christians need to follow OT Law?

Jesus Tells A Lie?

Extra Podcast #226 with Andrew, Jeff, Paul, Ezra, Andy topics include:

  • Andrew predicts a Bluejays win.
  • Matthew 18:18-19.
  • Jesus tells a lie? Matthew 16:27-28
  • Do the human authors of the bible matter?
  • Interpreting a passage.
  • Christian Art; Content vs. Form.
  • Psalty
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