The Extra Podcast

A Little "Extra" from Northview Community Church

Full House

Extra Podcast #202 with Jeff, Ezra, Kyle, Andy, Greg and Darcy topics include:

  • Full House
  • Secret Church
  • Andy Steiger on 100th Huntley St.
  • Trusting God / Sharing material possessions
  • Age of the Earth
  • Church given spiritual gifts?
  • Jesus’ demands

The Duggar family courtship ideas

Extra Podcast #201 with Jeff, Kyle and Andy topics include:

  • Andy’s radio show
  • Recent news stories
  • Jonathan “the homeless intern”
  • Sermon banners
  • Secret Church
  • Leadership Breakfast
  • The Duggar family / Courtship / Soulmate
  • Why are young adults leaving the church?

Extra 200

You can watch a video of Extra Podcast #200! with Jeff, Ezra, Andy, Darcy and Greg here The topics include:

  • Favorite podcast moments
  • TV shows 200 episodes
  • News stories
  • What’s the big deal about Good Friday? / The resurrection
  • Jesus being dead for 3 days
  • The Sovereignty of God / The Doctrine of Election

Disneyland Utopia

Extra Podcast #199 with Jeff, Ezra, Andy and Darcy topics include:

  • Basketball
  • Disneyland
  • Thailand missions trip
  • Andy’s pink shirt
  • Movies worth seeing
  • Assisted Dying / Self-Actualization
  • The Unpardonable Sin
  • How do I love God more?
  • What does it mean to give up everything for Christ?

Creflo Dollar

Extra Podcast #198 with Andy, Greg, Ezra and Darcy topics include

  • Food
  • Creflo Dollar and his $65 million jet
  • The filling of the Holy Spirit
  • Why did God kill Achan’s children?
  • Bible contradictions: To murder or not to murder? Exodus vs. Joshua
  • Good Christian movies
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