The Extra Podcast

A Little "Extra" from Northview Community Church

Pebble In The Shoe

Extra Podcast #211 with Greg, Jeff, Kyle, Andrew Gulevich, Paul Siemens (new Teaching Associate Pastor), Matt Crocker (next Discipleship intern) and Jeremey topics include:

  • Paul Siemens – New Teaching Associate pastor
  • Razors by mail
  • Northview website articles: Read This!
  • Psalm 69 – imprecatory psalms
  • Gay pride flag and confederate flag flying
  • Caves and the origin of cults / The validity of revelation

Fashion Week

Extra Podcast #210 with Greg, Kyle, Andy, Andrew Gulevich, and Jeremey topics include:

  • Greg and Andrew’s clothing
  • Andrew’s nickname: Gitch
  • Butt naked
  • Bonus Podcast
  • 1 Cor. 11:27-32 / Relational conflict and the communion table
  • Talking to Mormons and Jehovah’s witnesses
  • Need-to-read books

Andre the Giant

Extra podcast #208 with Greg, Andy, Kyle and Darcy topics include:

  • Andre the giant
  • 1 Samuel 16:13-14 / A tormenting spirit
  • Does God send evil spirits upon Christians?
  • Predestination and foreknowledge
  • God control everything? Tim Keller sermon
  • John 11:33 / Jesus’ emotional connection
  • What happened to people before Jesus’ resurrection?

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Extra Podcast #204 with Jeff, Ezra, Andy, Greg and Darcy topics include:
  •  Rainy Disneyland
  • Best restaurants in southern California
  • Could Jesus have ever gotten sick? / Hypostatic union
  • Difference between biblical theology and systematic theology
  • Baptism – triune immersion
  • War and pacifism / Just war
  • Avengers: Age of Ultron

Nepal Earthquake

Extra Podcast #203 with Jeff, Ezra, Andy, Darcy and Greg topics include:

  • Nepal earthquake
  • Why does God allow natural tragedies? / Luke 13:1-5
  • Different worldviews and religious outlooks
  • Monuments/reminders of God’s faithfulness
  • Prosperity gospel / Heb. 11
  • To Bake or not to bake – Mt. 5:41

Full House

Extra Podcast #202 with Jeff, Ezra, Kyle, Andy, Greg and Darcy topics include:

  • Full House
  • Secret Church
  • Andy Steiger on 100th Huntley St.
  • Trusting God / Sharing material possessions
  • Age of the Earth
  • Church given spiritual gifts?
  • Jesus’ demands
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