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Discipling Children: Why does it Matter?

Episode 375 with Dwight, Sarah, Jenn & Jeff Gamache
Need some encouragement at the start of the new year? Listen in for ideas, motivation, and reasons why Christians are to disciple their children. Even if you don’t have kids, you might learn something that helps you to support and pray for parents!

Is it Really the Most Wonderful Time of the Year?

Episode 373 with Thaleia Sawatzky and Krystal Toews

  • Christmas expectation
  • Grief
  • Symptoms of Grief
  • Kids, Adults, and Spouses
  • How do We Cope?
  • Red Flags
  • Strategies


  • Holding on to Hope – Nancy Guthrie
  • Walking with God Through Pain and Suffering – Tim Keller


Episode 372 with Kyle and Jeff

Walk with us as we discuss the beauty and complexity that is divine sovereignty and election.

Practices and Pitfalls of Prayer

Episode 369: with Paul, Matt, and Kristal

How’s your prayer life? Listen in as we talk about what prayer is, the priority of prayer, and “listening prayer”.

  • What is prayer
  • Psalms
  • How we pray, how we should pray
  • Listening Prayer
  • Tim Keller book email contest (

Books on Prayer

Praying the Bible – Donald Whitney

Prayer – Tim Keller

A Praying Life – Paul Miller

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