The Northview Drama Team provides opportunities for people to exercise their gifts and abilities in the area of theatrical performance to further the Kingdom of God. We are a collection of individuals coming from different backgrounds, cultures and experiences, and have recognized our humanness. We fall short, we don’t deserve God’s grace or love, yet he has abundantly bestowed life to us! Because of this, we respond to God through drama, using the stage to benefit the church and glorify God.


-Excellence & Commitment
We want to be active participants of Northview’s mission to Love God, one another and the world. Through practice, preparedness, and commitment we can effectively achieve this goal.
-Spirit & Truth
As a form of worship, we believe drama should be a response to what God has done, is doing, and will do, best discovered in the Bible. We anchor our productions in Biblical truths, while trusting the Spirit to use our efforts to glorify God and edify our local church body.
-Wide based Participation
People from all walks of life are encouraged to audition for the Drama Team. An intergenerational drama team offers more variety in the types of productions that can be cast. Roles (big and small) will be decided upon by the casting director, producer, and leadership team.
-Team Work &Positivity
Our Christian convictions will enable Northview Drama to be outstanding members of casts and teams. We understand that every aspect of a production, sketch or presentation is essential to the overall success of the show. Unity,
consideration, and respect between all roles is expected by all participants.
-Creativity & Critique
We welcome constructive evaluation when the time is right, understanding that by listening to each other’s ideas we can become better. We curate a safe environment for people to explore their creativity, while welcoming critique.
Creativity and flexibility are essential to any role in the Drama Team as stage designs, budgets, scripts and props may all pose different challenges.
Effective, respectful, and purposeful communication between cast, crew, producers, and leadership is required in order to complete our objectives well. We understand that some materials (scripts) may be more sensitive in nature
and may require the discretion of the cast, crew, directors, leadership.


Through various productions (mainly Christmas & Easter) we work imaginatively and creatively in collaborative contexts, to reach our local congregation here at Northview.
Our aim is to enable, stimulate and encourage the spontaneity, creativity, curiosity and a delight toward drama. We aim to develop creatively (spiritually, intellectually, physically and socially among our participants), while also serving the church by posing questions about the joys, pains, struggles and victories of life.
By working along side pastoral staff, we curate all types of sketches, dramas, and short’s to be used in sermon illustrations, special events, bible study, etc. Being attuned to our congregation is necessary in offering quality drama that is relevant for those watching. Through collaboration with Pastoral Staff and Leadership, Northview utilizes drama as an outreach tool to communicate biblical truths and illustrate situations that are sensible to those spectating.


Contact Frank Sawatsky fsawatsky@northview.org

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