Spouse: Jody and I were married March 2, 1985! She is patient, loving, caring and makes up for all my shortcomings! And, she looks way to young to be married to me! Jody has her own hair salon (Adara Studio for Hair) in our home and loves the fact she can be creative and have fun with her customers.

Children: I have 2 incredible sons and a daughter in law. Brendon and Alysha were married July 20, 2013. Brendon is our entrepreneur in the family and is the BC Manager for Deco Windshield Chip Repair, Manager of Glare Lighting, and continues to buy and sell sporting tickets and time shares! Alysha is working at the Wild Orange Spa as a registered massage therapist. Tyler is going to UFV for a Criminology Degree and working for his brother during the summer months with Deco and delivers pizza for Ricardo’s Pizza all year long!

Education: I graduated from Briercrest Bible College in 1984 with a Bachelor of Religious Education.

Hope and Vision for Northview: To impact the world with the Gospel! That means in Abbotsford and beyond. I desire for all of us to live our faith everyday with everyone that we meet.

What I do: Currently, I am the Pastor of Missions at Northview. I say currently, because we never know what God may have planned for us. Our journey started here in 1992 as the Senior High Youth Pastor, and in 2002, I became the Pastor of Missions and Large Events and in 2006 added, Interim Executive Pastor to my job. I am now the Pastor of Missions which includes both local and global ministries. In addition to this, I oversee our one-year intern program, serve on the Senior Leadership Team and host our weekly podcast. And, whatever else Jeff asks me to do!

How I got involved with Northview: In 1992, I was working with Youth For Christ in London, ON. Jody decided to fly to Vancouver to visit her folks who were in Tsawassen at the time. Before she left, she asked what I could see myself doing in the future. One of the things that I mentioned was that it would be fun to work with Dave Currie again (who was a pastor at Northview at that time). I had met Dave while at Bible School and we kept in contact quite a lot. So, Jody flies to Vancouver and one of the things that she does is to visit with Dave and Donalyn Currie for coffee. Jody mentions to Dave our conversation before she left and Dave says, “That’s interesting. Our youth pastor just resigned”! Jody is very excited about this and calls me right away to send in my resume! I wasn’t willing immediately because we had only been in London for 2 years and ministry was just starting to get going. Well, after much prayer, I decided to send in my resume quite content to have a yes or no for an answer. Long story short, I was asked to come on board with Northview in August of 1992 and it’s been an incredible journey ever since!

A few of my favorite things: I love going on holidays with my family! I really enjoy traveling so being Pastor of Missions has allowed me many opportunities to travel to different places in the world to encourage our workers. I love to work with my hands, especially renovation projects. I get bored when I don’t have something to work on! Ethnic foods thrill me! I love seeing those around me excelling! For the past 7 years, I have really enjoyed biking (the type without the motor!). Only had 5 spills so far and still going!

Favorite preacher: Pastor Jeff Bucknam of course!

Favorite kind of music: All kinds, but I’m really enjoying country music at the moment!

Various other Sentient Beings in the Household: Kela, the wonder dog has been in our family for 11 years now and we can’t imagine life without her. She is patient, smart, loves people, and thinks she’s a lap dog (she weighs 25 pounds!). If you visit us, please don’t ever say the words…treat, walk or car ride. Kela will think that you are going to do that for her and won’t let you alone until you do!

Hometown: Winnipeg, Manitoba. Go Jets!


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