What I do: I oversee the Middle School Ministry @ Northview

Spouse: I cannot imagine another person in the world who would put up with all of my craziness besides my wife, Lena, LOL!

Children: My wife & I have seven children. We were blessed with 4 girls first & then 3 boys. We kinda got stuck on the “A” page in the baby naming book for our daughters as their names are Amy, Amanda, Anita, & Allyson. Then our boys are Daniel Jr., Jonathan, & Liam. With ages ranging from 27-6 yrs old we were always guaranteed a household of perpetual excitement & noise. Just the way we like it!!

Education: I have a degree in Youth Work from Columbia Bible College but my real education comes from being surrounded by youth & immersed in their world on an ongoing basis.

How I got involved with Northview: My oldest daughter was attending the middle school youth group and asked if we could attend the church as a family. My wife and I were immediately drawn to the worship and especially the preaching of Pastor Vern. God led us to a perfect fit!

A few of my favorite things: While I do have a kinda manic personality & there’s nothing I like better than a high energy youth night, I also really enjoy just chillaxn at home with Lena & the kids. I also really enjoy a good cup of coffee accompanied by a tasty pastry, hmmm.

Favorite author: Due to the nature of youth ministry I am always doing research on youth culture and ministry. Books, blogs, magazines, podcasts…I devour them all!


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