We believe spiritual growth flows out of two basic commitments:

  • A commitment to God and the Bible.
  • A commitment to significant Christian relationships.

To help develop these significant relationships, we have created “Community Groups”. It is our goal to have every member of our church involved in either a Community Group or another similar small group experience. While most groups are sermon-based, some are special interest groups focusing on topics such as parenting, marriage recovery and Christian basics for new believers as well as men and women specific groups.
These home Bible study groups require a ten-week commitment, and are generally comprised of 10-16 people. They meet weekly, or every two weeks, to share, study God’s Word and to support one another spiritually.



Please browse through the groups below to see if any of them work for you. If none work, for whatever reason, please complete the “New Group Form” located at the bottom of this page and someone from our department will contact you.


Lindsay and Kathy

Day Of The Week: Thursday
Frequency: Weekly
Age Range 18-55
Time 7:00
Location Townline Hill
Short Description:
We have all different ages and marital statuses. We have a professional teacher to lead our study time and we love our fellowship time. We try to have a potluck every quarter.

Leonard and Isabelle

Day Of The Week: Thursday
Frequency: Bi-Weekly
Age Range 45-75
Time 6:30
Location Sumas Praire
Short Description:
We gather together with food, fellowship and study of the Word. We pot-luck a complete but simple meal. Our group is friendly and casual. Opening and understanding the Word deepens our fellowship with God. Open discussion is encouraged and appreciated.