What I do: I have been a part of the medical staff at ARHCC since we moved to Abbotsford in 2010.

Spouse: Angi

Children: Lots of them: Molly (15), Emily (13), Benitha (13), Kimberlyne (13), Caleb (3!!)

Education: TWU 1994-1998, UBC Medicine 1998-2002, Post graduate University of Alberta (City of Champions campus) 2002-2007

Hope and vision for Northview: My hope would be to see a growing heart to know, love and live out Gods word as a church at NV. I am thankful for the gift of teaching in our pastors, and the time we live in with amazing tools to know Him through His Word. My vision would be for a church that is known for loving his word, “teaching it diligently to our sons’, talking about it when we are walking through our days, spending time with others, wrestling out life with our families….(Deut 6). And then living out our love for Him by loving our neighbors and our city in sharing the gospel of His gift of salvation.

How I got involved with Northview:As a family we moved to Abbotsford in 2010, and had good friends who called NV home. We joined them our first Sunday, and haven’t left. My wife and I have been involved during our time here teaching inductive bible study, and hope to see a hunger for His word continue to grow at NV.

A few of my favourite things: Keeping track of NCAA sports even when I don’t watch (thank you ESPN), watching my kids grow, stories of adoption unfolding in families at NV, big time games nights (tuffnells=undefeated), time away with angi in the sun, family camp, new runners.

Favourite authors: RC Sproul: his ability to make truth that’s complicated easy to access, Russell Moore: his passion for adoption, and defending an orthodox faith in a drifting culture
H Wouk: The Hope and The Glory, lifetime favorites, LC Davis: ‘the Robe’ and “ the Big Fisherman”. Old but so good, Malcom Gladwell: the questions he asks and finds answers to, Any great sports story (Krakauer, Fienstein, “The Boys in the Boat”…)


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