Christ Is…

The Christmas Season is upon us! And this time, more than any other, can send people into a panic of things to do and places to be. Yet, Mary and Joseph on that night long ago had just one thing on their mind – the birth of Jesus. This sermon series is designed to slow us down from the lists and lights all around us to look once more upon the Light of the World.

Though this is no new struggle, it is one that we must take seriously if we are to know what the birth of Jesus means for us today. By borrowing various themes from the advent calendar, this series will delve into how the incarnation sheds light on who Christ is. As we reflect on the characteristics of Christ, we will be equipped to live out the hope that accompanies this celebratory season without losing his peaceful presence along the way.



John 21:15-19

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Christ Is… Our Joy

Luke 2:8-14

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Christ Is… Our Light

John 1:9-13

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Christ Is… Our Peace

Philippians 2:1-11

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Christ Is… Our Hope

Romans 8:18-25

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