No Separation

Mission – Nov 26,  Romans 8:31-39


Finding Comfort in God

Mission – Nov 19,  Romans 8:28-30

  1. What are some misrepresentations of Jesus that you have seen in our culture? Do they make him look like the sovereign king or something less?
  2. Read 8:28. What is your first thought about this verse? Does it make you rejoice or are you skeptical? Why?
  3. How are you able to say that you KNOW that God works all things for the good of those who love him?

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Remember, We suffer with hope

Mission – Nov 12,  Romans 8:18-27

  1. How does our hope change our perspective on suffering?
  2. How does suffering with God change your perspective?
  3. Does the length of suffering vs. the greatness of joy affect your perspective on your own sufferings?

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Mission – Nov 5,  Romans 8:1-17

  1. Why is there no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus?
  2. Why was the Law of Moses unable to save people?
  3. What acts/ministries does the Holy Spirit perform in us, through us, and for us?

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IJM Weekend

Mission – Oct 29

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The War Within

Mission – October 22,  Romans 7:13-25

  1. Why does Paul describe God’s law as an agent of sin?
  2. Paul talks about different laws at work in us. What are the differences between them?
  3. Can someone be free in Christ and still serve the law of Sin?

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Previously on….

Mission – October 8,  Romans 7:1-6

  1. Why is it hard for us to think of ourselves as dead to the Law?
  2. Are there any ideas or convictions that we have turned into Laws?
  3. How should we respond to our desire to make laws or use the Old Testament law?
  4. Why does Paul make this a central point in this letter but in other letters he wrote as well?

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Who’s your Master

Mission – October 01,  Romans 6:15-23

  1. When reading Romans 6 what does Paul mean when he says that Christians have “died to sin”?
  2. What are some of the practical implications of being dead to sin?
  3. Have you ever considered the Christian life as one of obedient slavery?
  4. How does being moved from “slavery to sin” into “slavery to righteousness” help us understand the nature of the Christian life?

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Union with Christ

Mission – September 24,  Romans 6:1-14

  1. How do we (followers of Christ) excuse our sinful practices?
  2. What makes us think that God is ok with our sinning?
  3. How does our continuing to remain in Sin demonstrate how we have misunderstood the Gospel?

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Our Hope of Glory

Mission – September 17,  Romans 5:1-19

  1. Do you think those who are not currently believers in Jesus are in some way at war with God? In what ways?
  2. Do you think that people are born morally good or morally bad? What evidence do you have for your view?
  3. What is the core problem with the world?
  4. If Jesus offers his righteousness as a gift, why do we still feel like we need to earn it?

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