No Separation

Mission – Nov 26,  Romans 8:31-39


Therefore God is For Us

Abbotsford – Nov 26, Romans 8:31-39

  1. What was the best news you have ever received? What is the story behind how you received it? Why was it such good news?
  2. Do you think that a Christian can lose his or her salvation? Why or why not?

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Finding Comfort in God

Mission – Nov 19,  Romans 8:28-30

  1. What are some misrepresentations of Jesus that you have seen in our culture? Do they make him look like the sovereign king or something less?
  2. Read 8:28. What is your first thought about this verse? Does it make you rejoice or are you skeptical? Why?
  3. How are you able to say that you KNOW that God works all things for the good of those who love him?

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Hope in Suffering: Pt2 – Glory is Certain

Abbotsford – Nov 19, Romans 8:28-30

  1. Read Romans 8:18-31.
    • According to this passage, what is the glory that is coming?
    • Have you ever considered that your salvation is certain because of the Lord’s work? Why or why not?
    • How would you describe the character of God? In light of this, do you find comfort in God’s character? How does this inform your understanding of God’s work in your salvation?

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Remember, We suffer with hope

Mission – Nov 12,  Romans 8:18-27

  1. How does our hope change our perspective on suffering?
  2. How does suffering with God change your perspective?
  3. Does the length of suffering vs. the greatness of joy affect your perspective on your own sufferings?

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Hope in Suffering: Pt1 – Glory is coming

Abbotsford – Nov 12, Romans 8:18-27

  1. What comes to mind when you think of suffering?
  2. How have you experienced suffering in your life? Past or present?
  3. Read Genesis 1:26-30. This passage describes God’s original call on humanity to rule over all aspects of creation. Being made in the image of God means being rulers over all areas of life (arts, agriculture, academics, etc). What areas of life are you looking forward to experiencing in the fullness of resurrected life, and why?
  4. How does knowing what lies ahead change how you approach suffering?

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Mission – Nov 5,  Romans 8:1-17

  1. Why is there no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus?
  2. Why was the Law of Moses unable to save people?
  3. What acts/ministries does the Holy Spirit perform in us, through us, and for us?

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Christian Benefits

Abbotsford – Nov 5, Romans 8:1-17

  1. What are some of the blessings of being a Christian?
  2. What are some of the real challenges of being a Christian?
  3. Which of these do you usually focus on? Why?

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The Wretched Man

Abbotsford – Oct 29, Romans 7:13-25

  1. If people disagree about the meaning of a passage of Scripture, how do you determine who is right? Does it matter? Is there a “right” answer?
  2. How do you reason through a passage of Scripture that is hotly debated among scholars and teachers? How do you know to whom you should listen? What kinds of reasons do you find especially compelling in these kinds of debates?

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The War Within

Mission – October 22,  Romans 7:13-25

  1. Why does Paul describe God’s law as an agent of sin?
  2. Paul talks about different laws at work in us. What are the differences between them?
  3. Can someone be free in Christ and still serve the law of Sin?

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