The Day Of Christ

Abbotsford – July 15, Joel 3:17-21

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The Lord is Just

Abbotsford – July 8, Joel 3:1-16

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Abbotsford – July 1, Joel 2:28-32

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Restoration is Coming

Abbotsford – June 24, Joel 2:18-27

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Godly Motivation

Abbotsford – June 17, Joel 2:12-17

  1. What are some of God’s character traits?
  2. Which of God’s character traits do you find the most appealing?
  3. How does God express these character traits?

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The Dread and Delight of God’s Judgement

Abbotsford – June 10, Joel 2:1-11

  1. Do you struggle with the idea that God is a judge and there will be a day when he will judge the world (along with every person in it)?
  2. What are the dangers of overemphasizing the judgment of God? What are the dangers of under-emphasizing it? Which of these do you think we are more prone to do in the church today?
  3. Do you think that we should talk about God’s judgment more or less?

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After the Locusts

Abbotsford/Mission – June 3, Joel 1:13-20
Video Shown before Message:

  1. Why do we struggle to admit when we are wrong?
  2. What kinds of tactics do we use to avoid admitting our part to play in the messes in which we have found ourselves?
  3. What are the worst kinds of apologies you have heard?

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It’s a God Thing

Abbotsford – May 27, Joel 1:1-15

Read Joel 1:1-15.

  1. What is our default response to the bad things that happen (eg. earthquakes, tsunamis, agricultural droughts)? What are the half truths in the statements: It’s judgement for personal sin; it’s just a “natural” disaster; the Devil did it?
  2. What should be our response to the bad things happen in light of what Joel 1:1-15 says?
  3. How do we avoid making these half-truth statements to disasters?
    • Half Truth 1: It’s a judgement for personal sin.
    • Half Truth 2: It’s just a ‘natural’ disaster.
    • Half Truth 3: The Devil did it?

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In Conclusion

Abbotsford – May 20, Jude 24

  1. What are the most important things you have learned during this series in the book of Jude?
  2. How has studying this book changed or affirmed the way you have thought about false teaching?
  3. What questions do you still have about false teaching that you would love to have answered? How would you and your group currently answer those questions?

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How to Contend

Abbotsford – May 13, Jude 20-23

  1. In Jude 1, we are told that Christians are those who are “kept” in the love of God, but in Jude 21, we are urged to “keep ourselves” in the love of God. What gives? Which is it? How can these work together?
  2. What does Jude 20-21 say will help us to keep ourselves in the love of God?
  3. Describe some examples of things that you currently do or could do to “build yourselves up in your most holy faith.”

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