Gold, Love & Starbucks

Bonus episode #9 with Kristal Toews, Thaleia Sawatsky and  Brandie Bradshaw.
  1. Did you Know: Northview Intern Program
  2. Main Topic: Loving Well (follow-up in Biblical Judging Mini Series)
  3. In My Opinion: Bad Questions People Ask & Mini Starbucks Rant.

Don’t Judge Me!

Bonus episode #8 with Kristal Toews, Thaleia Sawatsky, Brandie Bradshaw & Guest Dave Hiedebrecht
Did Ya Know: February is Membership Month
Main Topic: Christian Judging
In My Opinon: Pet Peeve Sayings
Additional & Mentioned Resources:
Matthew 18:15-17; 1 Corinthians 5:9-13; James 5:19; Galatians 6:1-5 Articles/Media
Who are you to Judge Audio Message
Judging Others, Judging Self
10 dumb things smart Christians believe. by Larry Osbourne


Bonus episode 7 with Kristal, Thaleia, Greg and Brandie topics include:
Did You Know: local outreach how Northview is engaged and how you can be too.
Main Topic: What is a Christian?
In My Opinion: Promposal & Out of Hand Graduation Celebrations.

What Happens at Northview Youth?

Welcome to the third “insert name here” podcast with Kristal, Thaleia and Brandie.

Topics discussed:
1. What happens at Northview Youth?
2. God’s sovereignty: What we think about God matters.
3. Northview’s Christmas Home Tour.

Name this Podcast!

Welcome to the first ever “insert name here” podcast with Kristal, Thaleia and Brandie

Topics discussed:
  • Why another podcast?
  • Edmonton MB Study Conference
  • Halloween
  • Tofu
  • Brandie’s crushes.
Discussion link:
Email link: to suggest names for our podcast.
You can also suggest  names in the comments area below.
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