Spouse: I convinced Nancy Steiger to marry me on September 9th, 2001. It has been a wonderful adventure ever since.

Children: I have two wonderful boys: Tristan and William. We get into some pretty epic cage matches on our trampoline.

Education: I have a B.A. in Biblical Studies and a Masters Degree in Apologetics.

Hope and Vision for Northview: It’s my desire to see Northview as a church that invests into young adults by helping laying a solid foundation of hope in Jesus Christ. It is my prayer that this hope inspires them to be lifelong students of Jesus Christ and help advance that hope.

What I do: I am the pastor of young adults and I am also the director of Apologetics Canada.

Wisdom or bit of advice: I always say, “Never quote yourself. But I do anyway.”

How I got involved with Northview: As the director of Apologetics Canada, I initially began working with pastor Jeff and pastor Steve in preparation for the Apologetics Canada Conference. One thing led to another and now I am the pastor of young adults. I am still the director of Apologetics Canada. We think it’s a great fit!

A few of my favorite things: Playing with my boys, traveling with my wife and solitude with my God. If I’m not at home I’m probably: rock climbing, hiking, kayaking, mountain climbing, snorkeling, spear fishing, snowboarding, wake boarding, scuba diving, hunting, at the library or watching a movie.

Favorite preacher: I have many. Currently, this is my top five in no particular order:

1. Dallas Willard
2. J.P. Moreland
3. William Lane Craig
4. Timothy Keller
5. Clay Jones

Favorite author: Depends on the category. However, I am a huge fan of William Lane Craig and Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Favorite kind of music: Perhaps because God has blessed me with absolutely no musical talent whatsoever and I’m completely tone deaf, I pretty much enjoy everything! I especially like the band Future of Forestry.


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