Freed for Slavery

Abbotsford – Oct 1,  Romans 6:15-23

  1. Can you give some examples of yourself or others who have understood following Jesus as being “free in Christ” to live however you please?
  2. In what ways do we struggle with the idea that we are slaves to sin or slaves to God? Why do we largely consider ourselves as “neutrals”?
  3. Why is it so hard to obey God? Does knowing that you are his slave help or hurt your obedience to him?

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Free in Christ

Abbotsford – September 24,  Romans 6:1-14

  1. How do you feel when you witness Christians whose lives don’t match their professions of belief?
  2. How do you respond to W.H. Auden’s famous line, “I like to sin. God likes to forgive. Really the world is admirably arranged.”?
  3. Why is it important for us to understand that we have died with Jesus? Why is it important for us to understand that we will rise again with Jesus?
  4. What strategies do you employ to resist temptation to sin? Which work and which don’t?

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In Adam and In Christ

Abbotsford – September 17,  Romans 5:12-19

  1. Do you think that people are born morally good or morally bad? What evidence do you have for your view?
  2. What is the core problem with the world?
  3. If Jesus offers his righteousness as a gift, why do we still feel like we need to earn it?

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The Benefits of Being a Christian

Abbotsford – September 10,  Romans 5:1-11

  1. Do you think those who are not currently believers in Jesus are in some way at war with God? In what ways?
  2. Is peace with God an emotion we are supposed to feel? What should we do if we don’t feel it?
  3. What is the normal way we handle suffering? What would we have to do if we were to “boast” in our suffering?
  4. Do you think it’s common for Christians to be in fear that God will abandon them because of their moral weakness? How would you counsel someone with that fear?

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The Wolves

Abbotsford – August 27, 2017   2 Peter 2:1-3

This Present Darkness

Abbotsford – August 20, 2017   Ephesians 6:10-12

Filled with the Spirit: Gifts and Fruit

Abbotsford – August 13, 2017

God With Us To Guide Us

Abbotsford – August 6, 2017 – John 14:16

The Value of a Human Life

Abbotsford – July 30, 2017 – Genesis 1:26-27

Rethinking Apologetics

Abbotsford – July 23, 2017 – 1 Peter 3:15

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