November 2018


Our AGM was held on Tuesday evening with almost 300 people in attendance. In addition to approving the financial statements for the year ended June 30, all who attended had the opportunity to worship, pray, and discuss plans for the future of Northview.

The Council of Elders are excited to announce that the proposal for the construction of a new worship center at Downes Road was overwhelmingly affirmed with a vote of 98% in favour. Additionally, the motion to authorize borrowing of up to 150% of the annual budget to partially fund the construction was also strongly approved (96%).

So, what are the next steps? The Development Committee is continuing work on the plans for the building and we are hoping to apply for a building permit by February 2019. We anticipate that it will take up to 6 months to actually receive the building permit, meaning construction could start as soon as September 2019.

Because total borrowing is capped at 150% of our annual budget, the need is to raise approximately $7million prior to the start of construction. The total cost of the project (estimated at $15 million) is part of the larger Multiply vision which includes both local and global church planting.

Since the start of construction is approximately one year away, a combination of one time gifts and monthly pledge amounts will be needed to reach the $7 million that has been set as our trigger point. Both at the June congregational meeting and the AGM vision for Northview moving forward was overwhelmingly affirmed. Now we are asking everyone to commit financially in order for Northview to be able to carry out this vision.

To date 280 people and / or families have pledged support for Multiply. This is a combination of one time donations as well as ongoing monthly commitments. The goal is to have everyone serving, praying, and contributing towards this vision. The attached schedule shows what Northview can accomplish with all hands on deck. Note, the total raised under this scenario would exceed the $30 million target for the Multiply campaign. If the target is exceeded, it will mean more funds will be available to further advance the gospel through church planting both locally and globally.

If you want to know more about the overall plan for Multiply, check out the website at Updates on all aspects of the vision and the work that is happening will be provided monthly.

The Council of Elders thanks you for your continued prayers, support, and partnership in ministry as Northview seeks to make disciples in our communities.

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